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Here are a few helpful suggestions for those new to self-service car washes or those looking to get the best experience. (Please note: these are only suggestions.)

  • Due to the dirt and grime on your vehicle, ALWAYS rinse your car or truck first.  That way when you use the foam brush, none of the dirt can be abrasive to your vehicle.

  • Speaking of the foam brush: it is designed to flush away dirt and grime from the brush head as the foam flows through the brush.  However, there is always a chance there could be something left over from a previous customer, so please take just a few seconds to spray the brush head off from a side angle before use.

  • If you read the panels CLOCKWISE, you will get the recommended wash for your vehicle. You can skip a few if you'd like but we highly suggest to end with spot free rinse for the best experience.

  • Always rinse your vehicle after using the wax with high pressure rinse and follow with spot free rinse to prevent spotting.

  • Unlike the foam brush that is used to clean away the dirt and grime, our triple foam spray is infused with carnauba wax.  This popular foam helps for extra shine and clear coat protection.  For best results, follow with WAX, RINSE, and SPOT-FREE RINSE.

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